About Hotel Kaze Darbar

Rana residence

Rana style building

The building that houses the Hotel is a large residential building built during the Rana period. Considering the style of the building it compares to various other building constructed possibly by the same builders after the great Nepal-Bihar earthquake of 1934. The layout indicates a main courtyard leading to rooms.

A very similar building is in Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel, Kathmandu, belonging to the Swiss Embassy. The bricks used for the construction of the building have the following inscriptions: “Shree 3 Juddha 1994”, “Shree 3 Juddha 1995” and “Shree 3 Bir”. The first two types indicate that the bricks were from the period when Juddha Shamsher was the Prime Minister (1932 – 1945). The dates that are indicated are in Bikram Sambat, which means 1995 would be 1939 and 1996 would be 1940. It is also interesting that these bricks are mixed with bricks from when Bir Shamsher was Prime Minister (1885-1901). A few years later, between 1939 and 1940, the existing building was built using some of the old brick as well as newly produced ones.

We can also observe the introduction of various elements to strengthen the building which must have come from lessons learnt from the Earthquake of magnitude 8.4 in 1934. So, we can say, it has been built nearly 75years before.

The wall is 60mm thick & it is used bricks & mud & woods only. So, in the rooms, it is not cold in winter & not hot in summer season. The roof is terracotta tiles. So, it is environmentally friendly.